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Tutor Name: Andra
Location: China
City: Shanghai
Tutor information:
Hi, everyone
my name is Andromeda, but you can call me Andra. I used to stay in abroad and travel many European countries,so I understand Western people’s minds,and I also understand people, so different students,I can create different way to teach them according to their characters.
Chinese is my native,but I also speak English,spanish and a little German.
As you know, because of the increasing importance of China in the world, more and more people are now interested in learning Mandarin, a beautiful language, but also a challenging language.
For this reason, I would like to offer you my services and guide you through the wonderful experience of learning my native tongue. I have both the skills and experience necessary to help you in this process.I have been a chinese private tutor for over three years in Shanghai for teaching foreingers Chinese . I had taught people from Germany,Norway,Spain,Netherlands,UK and USA.
Online Tutoring: Yes

Tutor Name: John Wang
Location: China
City: Dalian
Tutor information:
Dear friends,
I am John, I can teach you Mandarin very well, if you want to learn some Chinese at your home via Skype, I can help. It makes your life here easier.

Learn Chinese With Yang Yang

Tutor Name: Learn Chinese With Yang Yang
Location: United States
City: Los Angeles
Tutor information: My name is Yangyang. I am a Chinese teacher and a host for the TV show “Hello! Hollywood”. Teaching language has been and will always be my biggest passion in life. I have taught at many prestigious institutions such as Pepperdine University and Hong Kong Language Institute. I believe that we all have our own niche – something so unique and innate to us that we enjoy every second of it and can naturally do better than others. Teaching Chinese is my niche. My goal is to introduce to you the beauty of the Chinese language and culture, and to provide you with the tools you can use to communicate with 1.3 billion people on earth! I promise you will not regret this decision.
Online Tutoring: Yes

Angelina Lo
Tutor Name: Angelina Lo
Location: Canada
City: Montreal
Tutor information: Since January 2007, I have been teaching Mandarin as a second language from beginners to advance level to students of different walks of life. I have given course at coporates and governmental departments such as Patt & Whitney, Développement économique, Innovation et Exportation. Due to my educational background in Chinese language and my strong command of English, I am very skillful in helping my students to get key concepts of Chinese sentences patterns, in teaching complex grammar structure and in explaining the subtle signification of some of Chinese expressions.
Online Tutoring: No

Peggy Lee
Tutor Name: Peggy Lee
Location: Taiwan
City: Taoyuan
Tutor information: Chinese Tutor Lessons with Peggy Lee What is a tutor lesson with Peggy like? The learner will be having a lot of vivid interactions with me in Mandarin. I talk about the vocabulary, vernacular usage and culture related to the topic and beyond.
Online Tutoring: Yes

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